Sophisticated, yet Simple

Tungsta is built using the latest technologies that provide highest grade of security, allowing the user to have peace of mind at all times. A mesh network ensures that connectivity is maintained at all times.

Tungsta Node

The Tungsta Node fits on any LED luminaire in line with the 0-10V/DALI driver and is used for controlling the luminaire and communicating with the Tungsta Hub using a Zigbee mesh network which is industry’s trusted form of secure communication. It comes with real-time light sensing that gives highly-accurate dimming based on outside weather or can be controlled via the Hub.


Motion sensing capabilities allow controlling dimming at odd traffic hours. Tungsta Node monitors energy consumption, over-voltage, over-current, MCB trips, Ballast failure and burning hours thus allowing to continuously monitor power usage and functioning of luminaire. In the case of failure of the Tungsta Node, the luminaire falls back to its conventional operation.
With dynamic lumen control, motion sensing and low-powered Tungsta Node hardware, the system saves up to  64% energy.

Tungsta Hub

Each system is equipped with a centralized Tungsta Hub that is connected to the cloud. The Tungsta Panel allows us to intuitively control and monitor each luminaire using any PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The Tungsta Hub communicates with luminaries using the Zigbee Mesh network and monitors each luminaire in a configurable cycle period.
All data collected is processed by the Tungsta Hub and sent to the cloud which is visually and graphically illustrated on the Tunsgta Panel. The Tungsta Hub communicates to the cloud using the   4G/3G network and comes with a backup SIM card in case of network failure. A power-backup allows it to run for 18-24 hours in case of power failure.

Tungsta Panel

Tungsta Panel is designed taking into consideration security and robustness. The back-end helps in managing a huge cluster of street lights with simplicity. The database used is very secure, highly scalable and fault tolerant. It allows users to schedule operating times for the system, which can be set at the user’s ease. The system also has a predefined schedule which is pre-set at the time of installations, these go off autonomously every day without the need for human intervention.


Tungsta Panel collects and generates complex reports which are displayed in graphs and charts that enhance user experience. There is a facility to generate and download reports in different formats based on the user’s needs such as PDFs to view and store offline.


Preventive maintenance alerts concerned authorities about faults and failure of lights by email or by text message whichever is setup. Along with real-time notifications on the dashboard in case a street light malfunctions, the system also has automated emails that are sent at the end of every day with the summary of operations of the lights.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure: UV treated ABS Casing with IP58 Certification

Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 degree centigrade

Operating Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz

Output Interface: 0-10V/DALI or PWM

Frequency Band: 2.4Ghz ISM

Power Consumption: <= 6 W

Enclosure: Toyolac ABS Casing with IP65 Certification

Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 degree centigrade

Operating Voltage: 230V AC, 50 Hz

Connectivity: GSM,  EDGE, 3G, 4G LTE and Ethernet

Local Network: Zigbee

Power Consumption: <= 10 W

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