Intelligent Street Lighting Controllers & Sensors
For Improved Remote Monitoring, Control & Energy Savings

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Intuitively Manage Streetlights with a Centralised System

Tungsta is a cloud-based wireless system for your street or outdoor lighting. Our system works by connecting to LED fixtures or retro-fitting to existing fixtures.

The intelligent system enables energy savings by using precise amount of light you need and can accurately measure every watt used

Cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Tungsta’s long-range low-power wireless communication system offers easy deployment, we are compatible with all of the leading lighting manufacturers.


Control and Dimming

Control and dim fixtures to enable optimum lumen levels based on requirement

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of fixtures for faults and failures with instant notifications

Energy Savings

Measure every watt consumed and save up to 68% energy with operational intelligence

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance scheduling to help repair faults faster and efficient inventory management

Motion Sensing

Save more energy with integrated motion sensing enabled during in odd traffic hours

Interactive Mapping

View all fixtures on Google Maps for easy access to fixture location during maintenance


Easy integration of sensors, camera, Wifi hotspots etc. thus making each pole an IoT device

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with all light fixtures from leading lighting manufacturers across the world

Tungsta UI

The Tungsta Panel is a simple yet powerful interface that allows one to extensively control and monitor their street lights from anywhere using a tablet, PC or a smartphone. The Panel is connected to our Cloud platform that relays real-time data and commands. The Tungsta Hub acts as a gateway between the Cloud platform and the Tungsta Nodes

Gain Remarkable Savings

Energy Savings

Energy costs are immediately reduced with up to 64% through intelligent on/off switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient and optimum management of the energy consumption.


Tungsta Management Software offers advanced analytic tools, failure reporting, customizable maintenance planning, and efficient inventory management saving upto 35% of maintenance cost.

Dynamic Lighting

Upto 14% of extra saving using defined dimming integrated with Motion sensing to give good driving experience and simultaneously increase energy efficiency of lights during odd traffic hours.

Sophisticated, yet Simple to Use

Tungsta is build using the latest technologies that provide highest grade of security, allowing the user to have peace of mind at all times. Read more about it in the Products section.

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